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CCTV IP Monitoring

We offer a safe and secure way of ensuring your property stays protected. Once connected to the IP network your CCTV can be viewed by anyone you wish to see it at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world. This can also be forwarded to an alarm receiving centre and used to verify intruder activity calling the authorities when required.

BT Redcare

Connected to a dedicated BT phone line, this function will call the alarm receiving centre via BT line only.

BT Redcare GSM:

Connected to a dedicated BT phone line, this device also has a second function of being connected to a Mobile GSM Network, utilising all 4 of the major mobile networks. This means that if your BT line is down for repairs or damaged the alarm receiving centre can still receive fire signals via Mobile GSM should the alarm become triggered. It is also possible to use mobile GSM only which means you do not need a dedicated BT line, however we would recommend having both as it is more secure.

BT Redcare


DualCom is a device that works on the same principle as BT Redcare GSM. It was one of the first devices to provide the GSM function, subsequently recognised by almost all insurance companies.

There are other forms of monitoring your intruder system however, DualCom and BT Redcare are the market leaders and are requested by the majority of insurance companies.


Alarm Receiving Centre:

Should an event occur on your CCTV or Intruder alarm system, the ARC will receive a signal almost instantly via the methods listed above.  This allows the ARC to view the incident any time of the day or night and call the required personnel.

Firstly dedicated key holders will be contacted to establish if they are aware of the cause of the alarm. Should the cause be unknown or visibly checked via your CCTV system, the appropriate authorities would be called. This ensures your premises stay protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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